Build web apps with Jodd

Welcome to Jodd! The best way to learn something is to start playing with it. As every beginning may be hard, here is a nice way how to start with Jodd micro frameworks, in an easy-to-follow, step-by-step tutorials. In the same time we will point out some best practices using Jodd micro frameworks and tools. At the end, you will have a nice web application - or just skeleton - that can be easily extended and further modified for your needs.


There are several examples you can start with! Depending on how much time do you have and if you want to dive into the code, choose whatever you like.

1) Fast app development with Jodd Joy

This is probably the best place to start with Jodd. This one-page tutorial gives you a working example of simple web application and most important Jodd features. You will need just 10 minutes reading or 30 minutes trying out. Enjoy fast app development with Joy!

2) App development in more details

If you want to learn more about various Jodd microframeworks you can go and dive deeply into set of pages explaining various topics and features. You will need more time for this (60 minutes), but you will learn more! Enjoy Jodd development in details.

3) Quickstart

If you have less time or you want to jump right into the code you might consider trying: Jodd QuickStart. This is a collection of empty, but preconfigured projects, build with some or all Jodd micro-frameworks.

4) Real-world application

If you want more complex, real-world example, you might check Uphea. It's an example of real web application, so you can see all kind of different Jodd usages in action.