Jodd Joy

Are you building your web application with Jodd and want some more Joy in your development? You are on the right place! Jodd Joy is an application template built on Jodd that combines the best Jodd practices with pragmatic approach, assuming requirements that, as we think, match the most web applications out there.

If you are building a web app that uses one database with transactions, that can be run out of web container, that needs I18N support, has some resources protected, uses Ajax and JSON, and validation; consider using Joy application template.

Parts of Joy code might migrate to the main libraries once they become mature.

With Joy…


The core class that starts all Jodd frameworks and configures them to work together.

Authentication layer

Authentication and simple authorization layer, ready to be used. It consist of few interceptors, tags, actions and utilities.


Petite ready component, based on GenericDao but with an id generator included.


There are few Madvoc addons: JSON actions, Post annotation, some interceptors…


Preprocessor for JSPs. Works better then static JSP include as you can provide arguments.

Db Pager

Database pager - semi automatic tool that will page your queries.

And more…

  • Various crypting coders and hashes (Threefish, MurmurhHash…)
  • I18N tools
  • Validation tools


Just put jodd-joy.jar on the classpath or as the dependency.


See uphea - it is built with help of Joy.