Skip action paths

Usually, Madvoc is configured to interpret all action requests with the same extension (.html by default). But sometimes we need to prevent some action paths to be 'caught' by Madvoc. For example, Google webmaster tool requires to have certain html page for domain verification with exact content.

It is very easy to 'skip' some action paths by using custom MadvocController, like this:

    public class FooMadvocController extends MadvocController {

        private static final String GOOGLE = "google";

        public String invoke(
                String actionPath, HttpServletRequest servletRequest,
                HttpServletResponse servletResponse) throws Exception {

            if (actionPath.startsWith(GOOGLE)) {
                return actionPath;
            return super.invoke(actionPath, servletRequest, servletResponse);

Now all action paths that starts with google will be ignored by Madvoc and, therefore, served by Tomcat. When method #invoke() returns a non-null value it is indication that Madvoc didn't consume the action. That is all!