Jodd modules

Jodd consist of modules. Each module represents an independent component; library, tool or a micro-framework. Modules may depend on each other. Modules also may depend on (only few!) 3rd party libraries.

Jodd modules are distributed in two flavors:

  • as a single bundle jar, that contain all Jodd modules in one distribution archive.
  • separate jar for each module.

Read download instructions.

Module initialization

All Jodd modules are initialized on startup and registered in the central module, jodd-core. By default, initial registration happens transparently, in static block of the modules classes. All modules are expected to be found on the class path.

Initialization is important since some modules optionally depends on others. If an optional dependency is available, it is going to be used by a module, and more feature is then available to end users.

However, in some environments such OSGI, classloader lookup will not work. Then you need to manually initialize used Jodd components.

Modules list and dependencies

Here is the list of all Jodd modules with their dependencies. Blue are mandatory dependencies, gray optional and light are 3rd party.

jodd-bean jodd-core


jodd-db jodd-core jodd-bean jodd-log jodd-jtx jodd-proxetta jodd-props

jodd-http jodd-core jodd-upload

jodd-joy jodd-core jodd-petite jodd-madvoc jodd-vtor jodd-jtx jodd-db jodd-proxetta jodd-mail jodd-log jodd-lagarto

jodd-json jodd-bean jodd-core

jodd-jtx jodd-core jodd-log jodd-proxetta

jodd-lagarto jodd-core jodd-log

jodd-lagarto-web jodd-lagarto jodd-servlet jodd-log


jodd-madvoc jodd-core jodd-bean jodd-props jodd-upload jodd-servlet jodd-petite jodd-log jodd-proxetta

jodd-mail jodd-core mail activation

jodd-petite jodd-core jodd-bean jodd-props jodd-log jodd-servlet jodd-proxetta

jodd-props jodd-core

jodd-proxetta jodd-core jodd-log

jodd-servlet jodd-core jodd-bean jodd-upload


jodd-upload jodd-core jodd-bean

jodd-vtor jodd-core jodd-bean