Quickstart Jodd

Jodd Quickstart projects are pre-configured Jodd bundles that are small and ready to be run fast. In most cases, a quickstart project is just an empty web application containing some of the Jodd frameworks configured and prepared for the use and further exploration.

Please keep in mind that Quickstart projects are just simple examples built for users to get quickly into the Jodd, so many (advanced) features are not presented. For real-life application, please check uphea.

Here is how to try quickstart projects.

1. Get the source

Clone jodd-quickstart project:

2. Follow instructions in README

All Jodd QuickStart projects are gradle project. You can easily build them. Each QuickStart project is also configured to be easily run from command line.

Please follow step-by-step instructions on the GitHub for each project.

Please note that some projects require database access, so you will need MySql and to change configuration parameters prior starting.

3. Steady, ready… Code!

Simply open QuickStart project in your IDE. As a Gradle project, everything will be set up for you, so you can start exploring it right away.

You are now ready to experience Jodd:)

Add service

Services are located in service package. Each service class is Petite bean; just a POJO class annotated with @PetiteBean. Then read more about Petite.

Add web action

Web actions are located in actions package, as Madvoc actions. To inject a Petite bean service in the action, just annotate the field in Madvoc action. Then learn something about Madvoc.

Add JSP page

Add JSP pages to render outjected Madvoc values.


Configure Jodd frameworks through props files. Or write configuration in Java, in AppMadvocConfig and AppCore.

Continue exploring…

Quickstart projects are just simple examples. Attach Jodd sources and keep exploring.