Download Jodd

Jodd may be used on any platform where there is a suitable Java 7+ runtime environment. Jodd may be used successfully on many platforms, including Linux, UNIX, Windows, MacOSX.

Jodd is FREE software released under the terms of the BSD license.

Please find some information in how Jodd is organized into the modules.

Jodd Bundle

Jodd Bundle is one jar with most modules bundled together. Distribution archive contains bundle jar (with sources jar) and jars of remaining modules.

Mobile version

Single jar that contains selected utilities and tools from modules jodd-core, jodd-bean and jodd-props; small in size.

jodd-mobile-3.7.jar (350 KB)

Maven repositories

Jodd jars are published on jCenter and Maven central repository. Snapshots are released on jCenter only.






libraryDependencies += "org.jodd" % "jodd-xxx" % "3.7"


    <dependency org="org.jodd" name="jodd-xxx" rev="3.7"/>