The Unbearable Lightness of Java


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Jodd is a lightweight bundle of open-source Java micro-frameworks and tools for building super web applications. Packed in only 1.7 Mb. Super easy to use.

Ingredients: slick IoC container, elegant MVC framework, unique AOP engine, thin DB-object mapper, standalone transaction manager, focused validation tool, versatile HTML parsers, pages decorator, super properties, powerful BeanUtil, timeless JDateTime, easy email, many super utilities... and more.

With Jodd you can maximize your productivity with intuitive, but powerful code. By using smart conventions and pragmatical design, the code gets smaller, simpler and testable, and your project and team super happy.

Jodd focuses on 'Getting Things Done'. We believe that Jodd frameworks suit most web applications. Development should be a joyful process; your team should be designing your own solutions and not learning how to configure some monster :) Take back control of your code!

Experience Jodd in 3 minutes! We developed a complete real-life application, yet small in size, that can be downloaded and run in no time.

Not only an example, this application can be used as a nice template for your project!