Jodd's Source Code

Jodd is hosted on GitHub:

The Jodd's source code is released under the BSD license.

Get the Code

Clone the Jodd GitHub repository:

git clone jodd

Build Jodd

Jodd is built with Gradle targeting Java 1.8. You don't have to install anything, the only prerequisites are Git and Java JDK.

After cloning Jodd repo, build the project with:

./gradlew build

This will build all the jars and run all the unit tests. To skip the tests (for faster build), use:

./gradlew build -x test

And that's all!

Test Jodd

Building the Jodd will run all the unit tests.

However, to run the integration tests we need some docker containers to be up:

docker-compose -f docker/docker-compose-test.yml up -d

After that run all the tests with:

./gradlew build testAll


Feel free to contribute! We accept patches, diffs and pure sources :)

The best way to contribute would be via GitHub, using the following workflow:

  • fork Jodd repo (upstream) to your GitHub account (origin)
  • clone origin to local repo
  • make branch for your work, commit often
  • push local branch to origin
  • when the work is done, send us pull request (PR)