Download Jodd

Jodd may be used on any platform where there is a suitable Java 8 runtime environment. Jodd may be used successfully on many platforms, including Linux, UNIX, Windows, MacOSX.

Jodd is FREE software released under the terms of the BSD license.

Maven repositories

Jodd jars are published on Maven central repository.




compile 'org.jodd:jodd-xxx:5.0.13'


libraryDependencies += "org.jodd" % "jodd-xxx" % "5.0.13"


    <dependency org="org.jodd" name="jodd-xxx" rev="5.0.13"/>

Java 9

Jodd can run on Java 9, too. However, you have to use the jre9 version of jodd-core component. It is published as the same artifact, but with the classifier.

If you use other Jodd components, you will need to exclude default dependency on jodd-core and use the jre9 version. Here is how this can be done in Gradle:

    compile ('org.jodd:jodd-core:5.0.13:jre9') {
        force = true
    compile ('org.jodd:jodd-joy:5.0.13') {
        exclude group: 'org.jodd', module:'jodd-core'

With above code we force the usage of jre9 classifier and exclude default transitive dependency on jodd-core.

BOM (Bill Of Material)

Jodd BOM is provided as org.jodd:jodd-bom.

All-in-One Bundle

We also provide Jodd bundle: jodd-all. It is available on Maven central repository as well (org.jodd:jodd-all). You can download it from here:

You can also download source and javadoc bundles.