How you can help?

Jodd is an open source project and everyone is encouraged to get involved! There are lots of ways you can contribute.

Spread the word

If you are a satisfied Jodd user, please, spread the word. Write a blog, post a tweet, share a link, send us example of your usage, share the experience… This would help us grow the Jodd community.

Report bugs

Bug reports help Jodd improve, so please report any issues you have! Jodd uses GitHub to track issues. When you report bugs, make sure you include lots of detail, including reproducible tests, example code or anything else you think might help.

Of course, you can contact us via e-mail and submit any issue you have.

Contribute to Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow is a Q&A site for programmers. Stack Overflow has a community of people asking and answering questions about Jodd. Users can vote on each other's contributions and earn reputation points.

Hack Jodd

Jodd's code and documentation is hosted on Github.

It's easy to set up project from the source and start coding very quickly! Before you contribute, please let's discus the idea first, so we can work together smoothly.