Jodd Joy

Jodd Joy is a predefined bundle of Jodd micro-frameworks, ready to be used. With Joy you can start developing your Jodd apps right away, with minimal configuration.

There are two ways how you can start Joy:

  1. as a Web application,
  2. using the Joy Boot!

Check out the tutorial, to see it in action.

Quick start

Just register the JoyContextListener. That is all. You can add it either in web.xml or register manually or use @WebListener annotation - it's up to you.


Run the servlet container and enjoy!

Joy Boot!

Joy Boot is a new feature and it is a subject to change.

Create your web app:

    public class MyWebApp {
        public static void main(String[] args) {

Add dependency in Gradle on Tomcat or Jetty variant of Bootstrap:

	apply plugin: 'java'
	apply plugin: 'application'

	dependencies {
	    compile "org.jodd:joy-boot-tomcat8:0.1.0"
	    //compile "org.jodd:joy-boot-jetty9:0.1.0")
    	compile "org.jodd:jodd-joy:5.0.3"

	mainClassName = "...MyWebApp"


    gradlew run


Joy output

On the output, Joy will print the quick summary of all registered components: Petite beans, DbOom entities and Madvoc actions. Something like: