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Jodd is oriented more around simpler libraries for doing what people have oftentimes used heavyweight frameworks for (not in terms of performance though necessarily but in terms of mental efforts and scaffolding required to get a MVP out the door).

Jodd in itself could work for not needing an app container by using something like Winstone (Jenkins is built with it) for deployment models closer to systems like node.js or Flask and Sinatra that emphasize minimal scaffolding to make it easier to horizontally scale a system by just deploying more dumb nodes.

I've seen Jodd used in production systems and just never seen a stacktrace fail to that point so far. I've only ever seen application code fail in itself or fail due to a side effect or misunderstanding of the underlying libraries.


This is just a set of applications that use Jodd in same way.

  • Liferay Portal - The best Java open-source enterprise portal, Liferay Portal, uses few Jodd tools and utilities in it's core: BeanUtil, Paramo, Json etc.

  • Apache JMeter - Starting from version 2.9, this popular tool uses Jerry as one of the extractors implementation.

  • BookWatchr - The complete website made with Jodd and nothing else by Jodd :)

  • Chasse aux Livres - The complete awesome website made in Jodd.

  • Webit Script - Template-like script and engine, with grammar similar to JavaScript and JSP; and with great performances.

  • eComm - Set of government intranet applications for electronic communication with citizens via email, SMS or phone; working in few European countries. Uses full Jodd stack.

  • Ihre Apotheke - Efficient pharmacy finder for Germany. Application uses Madvoc, Joy, the tag library, Props and finally the GZIP filter. Also, Lagarto was used for some back-end to fetch DBpedia data.

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