Madvoc is MVC framework that uses conventions and annotations in a pragmatic way to simplify web application development. It is really easy to use; a significant effort is put into making usage simple. There are no external (xml) configurations, actions are simple POJOs, it is compatible with any view technology and so on… What's best is that its developer friendly: Madvoc offers several ways how it can be configured or used, so you can use whatever matches your coding preferences.

If you just want to start right-away, check Joy.

One minute tutorial

This is a simple Madvoc action:

    public class HelloAction {

        String name;

        String value;

        public String world() {
            value = "Hello World!";
            return "ok";

This action class and a method defines the following mappings:

/ → HelloAction#world() → /

The action method takes one input request parameter (name) and prepares one request attribute for the output (value). Action is also intercepted by default interceptor stack.

This action uses only default configuration; but everything can be configured to work differently. For example, the following action is also an Madvoc action:

    public class BookAction {

        public Book get(@In int bookId) {

This time the mappings is:

GET /book/123 → BookAction#get() → Book.json

Make and use your own Madvoc conventions, easily!