Jodd Servlets utilities

Jodd provides many Servlet and JSP-related tools.


ServletUtil class collects different Servlets utilities. You can detect multipart requests, read authorization headers, prepare downloads, work with cookies, read request body, read values from various scopes, detects absolute URLs, detects Servlets version 2.5, prevent caching etc.

DispatcherUtil provides some methods for including, forwarding and redirecting. It also returns many different path-related information, like context path, query strings etc.

Map wrappers

Jodd provides Map wrapper for request, response and session. They are Map adapters to servlets class, and from the outside user does not work with them directly. They are useful for separating code from the servlets implementation.

File upload

There is a whole set of classes for dealing with the multipart request and file uploads. Uploaded files can be downloaded in the memory, on the file system, or adaptive - depending on the size.

Listeners and broadcasters

HttpSessionListenerBroadcaster simple sends events to all registered session listeners when session is created or destroyed.

RequestContextListener stores request in the current thread.

JSP Tag library

Jodd comes with small, but sufficient tag library. It offers some common functionality: various looping tags, conditional and branching tags, setting and reading variables etc.

Read more about Jodd JSP tag library.

CSRF shield

Jodd provides simple and efficient CSRF (Cross-site request forgery) protection.


Jodd offers only few servlet filters: GZipFilter (read more), CharacterEncodingFilter (not useful much as it can be replaced by web.xml configuration) and RemoveSessionFromUrlFilter.

However, there are many filter-related classes, like fast byte- array and char array wrappers, including the advanced BufferResponseWrapper.