Type Converter

Type converter is part of Jodd responsible for converting value of one type into another. For example, it may convert a String representation of a number into an Integer.

Each destination type has its own TypeConverter. Type converter 'knows' how to convert any value to destination type, if possible. So, for example, BooleanConverter may convert strings "no", "1", "true"… into correct boolean value.

There are many type converters available, for full list check javadoc. Besides common conversions (from/to string and numeric types) there are a lot more conversions. So you can convert into string arrays, class names to classes…

All type converters are registered with TypeConverterManager. It is a central place where all type converters are registered and from where you can lookup for some that you need.

Type converter is used all over Jodd. It is used by BeanUtil, DB framework, Madvoc

Convert utility

Convert utility class is one big class with many conversion methods for common types, made for convenient and faster type conversion. With Convert methods it is possible to perform the type conversion using just a single line of code.


Lookup type converter

    TypeConverter tc = TypeConverterManager.lookup(String.class);

Using faster Convert class when target type is known

    Integer i = Convert.toInteger("173");

Full conversion (preferred when can't do with Convert)

    TypeConverterManager.convertType("173", Integer.class);

This is the most complete way how to convert types. Not only that this method lookups for the type converter, it also performs additional conversions, like recognizing arrays and enums.

Custom type converter

New type converters are easy to add: just implement the interface and register it in the manager. From that point, new custom type is available all over the Jodd frameworks.