The Unbearable Lightness of Java

Jodd is a set of micro-frameworks and developer-friendly tools and utilities.

Code-things-done. Great performances. Zer0 dependencies.

Use what you like!

Jodd version v6 is the maintained version, targeting Java 8 & 11. Only few Jodd components are promoted to v6. The decision is based on the Maven Central Repo statistics.

Awesome libraries



Think Lightweight, Be Awesome, Get Things Done!

The Importance of Being Small

Jodd is oriented around simpler libraries for doing what people have oftentimes used heavyweight frameworks for: not in terms of performance though necessarily, but in terms of mental efforts and scaffolding required to get an MVP out the door. The very point of minimalism from a reliability perspective is to reduce points of failure in code with simply fewer parts.

Thank you for supporting Jodd:
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